Vegas Shoot 5: Lessons Learned

Vegas Shoot 2017 has come and gone. The results have been tallied, winners honored, bows packed and stored, and shuttle buses and car rentals are conveying tired archers to airports, train stations, and really dedicated Uber drivers. The retirees visiting the South Point Resort can rest easy, knowing that the next elevator won’t suddenly disgorge legions of weaponized Hoyt-emblazoned ladies and men. 

The core team of Goodwin Archery are cooling our heels in Seattle, waiting for connecting flights. (Pro-tip: when traveling on bonus points, be prepared to see more of the country than most). 

We both met our goals, improving on our performances in 2015 (Coach Stacey with a 30% rise!), and both of us more content with our shot quality and consistency under tournament pressure. 

But even though we are spending the day in transit, know that the Goodwin Archery staff is dedicated to bringing you top-notch news, coverage, and advice. 

Starting right after we get home and get some sleep. 

Until then, straight from the home office in Oklahoma City, comes tonight’s Top Ten list:

Top Ten Things Learned at the Vegas Shoot

10. A mounted stabilizer is a dandy way to push elevator buttons when your hands are full. 

9. The best music to play at major archery finals is anything not by Daft Punk. 

8. If you’re ever going to shoot alongside Jesse “The Freakshow” Broadwater and Steve “Big Cat” Anderson, you’re gonna need a better nickname. 

7. Crystal Gauvin just picked up a recurve this season, and she already shoots it better than you’ll ever shoot your compound bow. Just get over it. 

6. Never ask an archer how they shot. Safer to ask Dear Prudence if she’s heard any sad stories lately. 

5. You can quickly learn the spine of an archer’s arrow by listening to the rattle as they dismount the escalators leading to the convention hall. 

4. NFAA marksmanship does not extend to t-shirt guns. (Let’s just say the first two rows won a bunch of prizes.)

3.  Do not walk between the youth archers and the hoards of parent and coach observers. You will die where you stand. 

2. At the scoring bales, the person with the worst eyesight will volunteer to call the arrows. 

1. Going to the trade show? Bring an extra suitcase, or know the location of the nearest USPS. 

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  1. Kathleen Stevenson says:

    Awesome!!! Still laughing!

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