Vegas Shoot 1: The Goodwins Go to Vegas

Vegas, baby!

Goodwin Archery has made the trek to the City of Lights, the City of Sin, the City of Cirque du Soleil, otherwise known as Las Vegas, Nevada!

We will be one of over 3,000 archers participating in the Vegas Shoot, billed by the NFAA as “the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the World!” Hyperbole aside, this event is indeed one of the largest of the large archery events, based on the sheer number of shooters participating in the competition.  Hosting both competitive/professional and amateur “flight” archers, as well as hosting a stage of the World Archery World Cup, the competition has regularly attracted large crowds since its founding in the 1960s at the Sands Casino. 

Now held at the South Point Hotel and Casino, the event features five arena-sized rooms of archery butts, an archery trade show attended by almost every US archery vendor and organization, and a full-sized arena that features the championship shoots and World Cup competition.  Boosted by professional meet-and-greets, youth-pro shoots, seminars, demonstrations, and ceremonies, the Vegas Shoot features the glitz and glamor that one expects from this Mecca of Entertainment.

Goodwin Archery is proud to return from our triumphant debut at the Vegas Shoot in 2015, where we valiantly battled to win our place in the bottom third of the overall standings.  (Remember, kids, it’s not just about winning).  Competitive archers should always have carefully-considered goals, so to that end, we have crafted these goals:

  1. Do better than we did in 2015 – more consistent day-to-day performance, better shot execution, and less anxiety since we’ve done this before.  This should all combine to mean… TA DAA — better scores than 2015.
  2. Make it possible for YOU, our dear readers (all 40 of you) to vicariously experience the thrills and chills of Vegas competition.

So join us in our journey as we explore the wilds of Las Vegas – armed with a bow and arrow, appropriately enough,

This article is one of a five-part series.  Be sure to check back for new installments!

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  1. Terry Glad says:

    Good luck guys! Wish we could be there!

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