Results – 2017 State JOAD/USA Archery Tournament

The 2017 USA Archery-Oklahoma State Indoor Championships finished up today at H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City.  93 adult and youth archers competed in several categories in this brand-new annual event.  Special thanks to the Oklahoma Storm JOAD team for sponsoring and staffing the event.

The full tournament results can be found here at the Oklahoma Storm JOAD site.  Pictures from the event can be found on our Facebook Page.

Goodwin Archery would like to extend special congratulations to those archers with whom we have been privileged to work over this indoor season:

Goodwin Archery students and staff:

  • Katy Schinn-Landis, 3rd Place Female Junior Compound
  • Bree Calvery, 2nd Place Female Junior Compound
  • Michael Bird, 1st Place Youth Male Cadet Compound
  • Stacey Goodwin, 1st Place Female Masters Compound
  • Joseph Goodwin, 1st Place Male Masters Compound

Trosper JOAD Students and Staff

  • Eleanor Fairclough, 2nd Place Female Bowman Compound
  • Haleigh Legg, 1st Place Female Bowman Compound
  • Ashlyn Glad, 2nd Place Female Bowman Barebow
  • Jason Rutledge, 2nd Place Male Bowman Compound
  • Jonathan Thor Pilgrim, 1st Place Male Bowman Compound and 2nd Place Male Cub Barebow
  • Joey Kitchens, 3rd Place Male Bowman Barebow
  • Penelope Wint, 1st Place Female Cadet Barebow
  • Jody Rutledge, 1st Place Male Junior Compound
  • Sofia Gonzales, 1st Place Female Yeoman Barebow
  • William Kirk, 1st Place Male Yeoman Barebow
  • Sid Read, 1st Place Male Masters Barebow

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  1. Terry Glad says:

    Congratulations to all on your outstanding success today!

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